Megan Brown

Licensed Therapist and Self-Worth Life Coach

Rock Your Life

Your life is changing. Whether you are navigating an unexpected divorce, breakup, feeling lost, or on the road to finding your purpose, there are tools, support and internal work you need to do. Through life coaching, I’m here to help you learn to love yourself and totally rock the life God gave you!


Know your worth

Practice self-care

Create the life you want


  • How to deal with loss

  • Change the way you think

  • Discover who you really are

  • Learn to attract what you want 

  • Know your worth

  • How to overcome the concept of perfection 

  • Body image issues

  • Self-care and love

  • Becoming vulnerable again

Meet Megan Brown

Quick Facts

  • Licensed Mental Health Therapist

  • Masters of Science, California State University-Los Angeles

  • Author of Walk and Talk Therapy: A Therapist’s Guide 

  • Guest lecturer: California State University 

  • Private Practice, Walk and Talk Therapy



  • Have fun

  • Enjoy diversity

  • Have integrity

  • Family is number one

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